We believe we’re entering a new technology-enabled era with tremendous potential for entrepreneurs to launch successful new ventures that also allow the founders to live where they’d like to be: small town, big city, rural area, by the sea, or …traveling the seven seas.

We thought we’d talk about that here. We also wanted a place to post some rambling “how to” technology projects for other like-minded people.

Who are we? David and Brenda. What are we all about? Our passions are technology, exploration, and historic preservation. Our philosophy is to be self sufficient and leave a clean wake wherever we go. We also have a thing for entrepreneurship. We’ll get to all that in a bit. David’s undergraduate degree is in Physics from Indiana University, his MSEE is from Texas A&M, and he has a doctorate in EE with a focus on in vivo biomedical optics, from The George Washington University. He spent some time as a US Navy officer flying F14’s and managing a modeling & simulation research program. David’s love of technology drives almost everything he does. Brenda’s undergraduate degree is in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M and she has a MBA with focus on strategy and entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School where she was a Gruss Public Policy and Administration Fellow. She’s worked as an artist in an ad agency and as an engineer/project/program manager with several large organizations. She’s worked for the Federal government in areas of consensus-based rulemaking, and enabling government/private partnerships. She’s also made a habit of fostering the growth of small businesses: partnering with them, volunteering with a business incubator, assisting individual business owners with strategy, financial analysis, market and technology assessment.

We’ve known each other since we were teenagers in college together in Indiana. Our first startup experience was in a metal casting company founded, during college, by a childhood friend of David. Fond memories include all-night production runs between daytime coursework; not so fond memories include going to the founder’s dad for more capital to pay the rent. More recently, we founded a biotechnology company which pretty much consumed us for a few years. Fond memories still include all-nighters and the not so fond memories include tapping into our savings for more capital to bootstrap the business. Not much changes it seems. Market, money, operations. A startup is a startup.

We take advantage of our love of technology in the work we do. We’ve indulged our desire for “exploration” through work-related moves and international travel, as well as hobbies of wilderness canoeing, backcountry skiing, biking, sailing, and backroad driving. We’ve engaged in “historic preservation” via professional, volunteer, and personal efforts to conserve and restore the historic elements around us–be it buildings, open space conservation, or restoring the architectural elements of our homes. Our present home is a 1931 schooner that we took a few years off from other things to restore and sail. After that mind-renewing sailing sabbatical, we’re thinking about a startup. One that will let us be Anywhere.