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(Photo courtesy Hewlett Packard Company. The  HP Garage cira 1939)

As my first blog post on the topic, I should give a little history of my interest in startups.

I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between entrepreneur and the marketplace. As a child, I was amazed that I could sell vegetables from the garden at the farmers market or to neighbors and I was thrilled that my elementary school classmates would commission me to make t-shirts, greeting cards, or party invitations with drawings of their pets. I loved it. While at college with then-boyfriend-now-husband David, I enjoyed the bootstrap environment of a little metal casting startup led by a childhood friend of David and supported by a motley crew of college students. In my early 20’s while working in a small ad agency, as a production manager and artist, I cherished interactions with the (mostly tech company) clients; I learned about market needs that I never knew existed and became fascinated by the new technologies these startups were providing to those markets. I knew that someday I’d start a technology based company just because I wanted that combination of “thrill” of the sale and the cool-to-the-geek-in-me thought of being involved with launching a new technology. David and I started a biomedical diagnostic company, Apogee Biodimensions, and I got my wish. I’ll write about that in some detail in the future, I’m sure.

The spark of innovation bringing forth a product that meets the needs of the market is seductive. Most ideas aren’t quite right, most startups do fail due to a variety of factors often having nothing to do with the technology or the market. Like moths drawn to the flame, however, those entrepreneurs, whose product launch crashes and burns, still come back with another idea and another go at it.

I’m sure this blog will evolve over time, but right now I plan on posting, to this category, links and thoughts about ventures that I find interesting whether they’re destined for greatness or doomed from the beginning. I hope that there will be readers to the blog who will enjoy commenting on the posts.

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