Microbusiness in America

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We know quite a network of folks living aboard boats.  Some cruising and some going city-to-city working and enjoying the waterfront as they work.  For example, David and Danielle of SV Dawn Treader live in a mooring field in San Diego; there in the city while planning their next move, David juggles three jobs and Danielle is a school teacher who spends her off-school hours and summers making custom wedding dresses. Another example, Rick and Lori Boren and their children sail their boat SV Third Day in Mexico while they simultaneously grow their business that is producing reverse osmosis water makers in the USA.

Some interesting stats on small business in America:  99% of American Businesses employ less than 500 people; 95% employ less than 10 people; 50% are home-based businesses; and 88% of all businesses in the U.S. are “microbusiness” – meaning they have 5 or less employees and $500,000 or less in annual income.




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