Anywhere Is Always Moving

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Yes, that’s the point. Sometimes people would like to stay in a particular “anywhere” just a little while longer though.

So where is my “anywhere” right now?

We’re nestled into this great little marina at the intersection of Smith Slough and Redwood Creek. Great spot. Views of a protected wetlands, easy access to Redwood City, CA via bike or car…a little bit of a hike but even decent walking access. Yep, great spot. The place is called Pete’s Harbor.

It’s such a great spot that a developer has been eying it for years and proposing plan after plan to the local city government for putting up some high rise condos/apartments completely out of touch with the local scene. Luckily, previous plans have been nixed by the local voters. Unfortunately this time the developer seems to have decided to hit hard and fast. The whole plan has been hush-hush until two weeks ago when the tenants were told—you’ll all be out of here by something like mid-January.

There’s a mad scramble now to alert the voting public of Redwood City that this is happening in their community. There is also a petition, here, to stop the development. Anyone can sign that petition. There’s a good chance that the development will go through and the 150 or so folks living here will be evicted soon. Many are giving up the fight in despair and taking their boats to the few open liveaboard slips in other marinas. There are also about 150 boats that are used for pleasure and those may have a hard time finding a slip, but definitely easier than the people living aboard their boats.

Many of these liveaboards also own their own businesses. Some are considering moving their boats to other harbors far away since their work is location independent.

You can read what I’ve been writing about Pete’s Harbor at
You can keep track of what is happening with the fight by going to

You can sign the petition by going to this link.

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